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The Moxie Podcast

Feb 21, 2019

Cindy is the founder of MombasaWorks and has experience in international development work. Her desire is to let people know that Mombasa is working, we do work and there is a community here that is inspiring, innovative and creative. MombasaWorks is a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs, development and professional consultants, and creatives who live and work in Mombasa. For Cindy, Mombasa is home and she found that taking a different approach to community is something MombasaWorks delivers.


In this episode, Jenny and Cindy talk about the rich culture and history of Kenya, the vision behind MombasaWorks and having the courage to step out and leave comfort to pursue a greater vision.



Mombasa Works

Love Language


Founders night

How I built this Podcast


One last thing to live by: Progress over perfection