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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 4, 2019

Joanna Waterfall is the Founder of Yellow Co., an organization that exists to empower creative women to become agents of good. With a degree in graphic design and digital media and a background in branding, Joanna believes that creativity, business, and social impact should go hand in hand. She and her work have been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Darling Magazine, LA Lady Magazine, Bossladies Magazine, and others. She is motivated by the belief that women can change the world through stepping out of fear and into what makes them come alive.

In this episode, Jenny and Joanna not only talk about the journey of being the founder of Yellow Co., but also what it looks like to “get back on that horse” after falling and continuing to move forward in the midst of trials. This episode sheds light on how we find our identity and is a great reminder that we are enough. Be encouraged today and know you were made for something bigger.


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One last thing to live by:

Find your identity in something bigger than yourself. Know you are enough.

Don’t find your identity in your successes and failures and know that you are enough, no matter what's going on on the outside.