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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 11, 2019

Salma Abdulatif is a civic leader passionate about the Africa rising narrative. She is the founder of Motivational talks for youth organization, a community organization in Mombasa that conducts empowerment programs on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also a Mandela Washington fellow 2018 and a storyteller passionate about writing poetry and stories that inspire transformational leadership.

In this episode, Jenny and Salma talk about believing in yourself and your story. It takes intentional effort to cultivate positive thoughts and to look in the mirror and understand that person is beautiful. This episode is filled with honesty and truth around speaking out, finding your voice and not being afraid to share your story to the world.


Mandela Fellowship

Student Success Program

MTY Organization

Ethipian Plane Crash

Nairobi Attack

Humans of NY

Vision Boarding


One last thing to live by:

Believe in yourself and cultivate positive thoughts. Believe in yourself and enjoy the process