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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 18, 2019

Lynn Asenwa Shibanda is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Her Story She Matters Foundation that empowers less fortunate girls and women in the societies of Kenya. She has a background in facilitating, skills training and entrepreneurship development.

In this episode, Jenny and Lynn talk about the heartbeat of Her Story She Matters, the stigma around various societal issues involving girls and how to combat that through education. Find ways to get involved with empowerment around Mombasa, but also be empowered with what you can do in your own communities. Let us Moxie today and change the blueprint of our neighborhoods for the better, together.


Her Story She Matters



Wema Center

Fashion Show

One last thing to live by:

God can and will turn your test into a testimony and use your tragedy as a strategy. Your past mistakes don’t define you. Only God can define you.