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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 25, 2019

Dan Mugambi is the CEO and Founder of Dankiz Arts and Creations Ltd. Along with being a fine artist and a life skills coach, Dan is recognized as a Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneur. He has been featured in many streams of media and has commissioned projects all over Kenya.

In this episode, Jenny and Dan talk not only about the entrepreneurial journey, but they get personal and chat about the truly hard moments in life. We learn from this conversation that it is through those moments that shape, refine and make you, you. This episode speaks truth, shines light on learning your value and teaches how to not fear failure. You do not want to miss this conversation with Dan, it is truly empowering.


Dan Instagram

Dankiz Arts and Creations Ltd.

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneur.

Lions Den - Kenya


One last thing to live by:

Jesus is God. He has made my life well and taught me all the things I’ve talked about.

Work Hard, let’s meet at the top and compare notes.