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The Moxie Podcast

May 16, 2019

Nicole Devereaux is a Conversational Intelligence Coach® based in Minneapolis, MN. She helps leaders and teams have successful conversations so that they can expand their impact. When she's not dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters or hosting dinner parties, Nicole is usually reading a good book, taking a walk with a friend, or looking for her next adventure.  

In this episode, Jenny and Nicole talk about the 40for40 campaign, what it is all about and why it began. Nicole is vulnerable and talks about her struggle with depression and how she wanted to do something bigger than herself. She was at her lowest moment and found a little bit of moxie, to get up, gather courage and start a campaign to raise $40,000. This conversation reminds us to do the hard thing because it is the right thing and with that, do something bigger than yourself. Remember this life is not all about yourself and begin to look up, look out and be a part of movements.



One last thing to live by:

Do the hard thing because it is the right thing.