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The Moxie Podcast

Jun 13, 2019

Jenny Nuccio is the Founder and President of Imani Collective -
a socioecononomic woman-empowerment program focused on defeating generational poverty through education and employment opportunities in Mombasa, Kenya and surrounding communities. The collective facilitates change by underscoring the innate value of each woman while encouraging her to learn, create, and grow to her fullest potential as an artisan. With a bachelor’s degree in Leadership Development and a master’s degree in Leadership Education and Communications.

Jenny has a well-rounded background in both academic research and practical application for implementing long-term solutions to the global challenge of disenfranchised women and children in developing regions. Having lived as an integral part of her Kenyan community since 2013, she is committed to the collaborative advancement of equitable opportunity for the friends she works with every day, as well as for marginalized populations world-wide.

She is currently completing her Doctorate of Education in Leadership Education and Communications with an emphasis on adaptable leadership, change agents, and corporate sustainability and innovation in global contexts.

Jenny is also known for being the Co-Founder of Sukwa Saddle Blankets, Host of Moxie podcast and Creator of the Cultivating Community school.

In this episode, Jenny talks about her journey with Imani Collective and what first brought her to Kenya. She reflects on the struggles and the joys this journey has brought her. She has learned a lot over the years and has recently developed a course called Dream Development: Steps to Pursuing your Passion, which she gives details about during this episode. Be inspired, empowered and reminded to just start.

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One last thing to live by: 
Just Start. Fearing failure is inevitable, but failing before even starting is controllable. Take that first step and never look back.