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The Moxie Podcast

Jun 20, 2019

House of CHE is an upcoming Art & Design Industry founded by two Love birds, Cheddie & Cheperur. Having met through a mutual friend, they both realized they had an interest in art, drawing, and playing around with photos. That is how the House of CHE was born. They both graduated from University with Cheddie holding a Diploma in Electrical Engineering & Cheperur holding a Diploma in Environmental Science.

"We have no limits when it comes to what we Do and that is what makes us unique in what we do."

In this episode, Jenny, Cheddie and Cheperur talk about the start of House of Che and the beauty of creating. They reflect on stories, who impacted them the most and their dreams for the future. This episode is filled with laughter, encouragement and realization that our world is truly a small world. Enjoy this episode with the two amazing humans behind the House of CHE.


Moxie Ep. 11| Dan Mugambi


How to contact them:



Skype: +254 742 247 288

Whatsapp: +254 742 247 288

Calls or Texts: +254 742 247 288


One last thing to live by:

When you pray. Pray as if everything depends on prayer and when you work, work to the best of your abilities. - Cheperur

Do not just sit and wait for something to come to you. You have to fight for it and you have to look for it. - Cheddie