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The Moxie Podcast

Jul 11, 2019

Amanda is a music teacher and owns her own business, To Gather LLC. She started a FaceBook group (Dallas Girl Gang) two years ago to make friends after moving to Dallas and ended up turning into a large following of nearly 20k people to connect, meet and have fun! She’s also the founder of The Fearless conference, an annual conference in Dallas, TX for female entrepreneurs, as well as the host of The Fearless Woman Podcast. 

In this episode, Jenny and Amanda talk about the heart of the conference, but also how it all got started with the want to grow friendships in Dallas, TX. Dallas girl gang was created and then from that the fearless conference began in 2018. It is a fun conversation about following your dreams and even when the road turns another direction to just enjoy the journey.

I will also be one of the main speakers at the fearless conference, so follow along this weekend and enjoy!

The Fearless Conference

One last thing to live by:
Be Kind.