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The Moxie Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Kevin is the Director of  Operations and Environmental Sustainability at Imani Collective. He also is a freelance environmental consultant and waste management consultant. He is a father to an amazing daughter, a husband and to the most beautiful (ninja) wife and a lover of Jesus Christ. He is passionate about living though the word of God, family and leadership. He enjoys drawing, music, sports and travelling.

In this episode Jenny and Kevin talk about his journey to faith and how it has made him to the man he is today. Kevin is honest, transparent and God fearing giving us a beautiful testimony of what it looks like to truly listen to God and tune in to Him daily. my hope for you is that you are encouraged by his story and reminded to just show up , be present and begin to open your ears to hear what God is trying to tell you.

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One last thing to live by:
God is always there. Tune your antenna to His frequency