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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

Misty Burton is the owner and maker behind socially conscious jewelry company, Tenfold Collective.  What Tenfold does not make, they curate from brand partners around the globe. These partners empower artisans, mostly women, by paying them a fair living wage and providing safe working environments.  Misty’s main goals in life include perfecting the art of “being where your feet are,” mastering her mother’s pound cake recipe, loving people well, and playing a small part in the fight against human trafficking.  To that end, Tenfold donates a portion of its profits to anti-trafficking organizations.  She lives in South Carolina with her college sweetheart, Lee and three boys, Tradd, Jackson and Hampton. 

In this episode, Jenny and Misty talk about what it means to show up, be authentic and advocate for something that truly matters. It is not about running a successful business, but about opening your hands and allowing God to work tenfold. It is about showing up, staying authentic and empowering others through advocacy and education. Misty is a beautiful soul that daily strives to be where her feet are - being fully present with those around her. Today is a day to have your spirits lifted, so be encouraged friends and know we are in this together.