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The Moxie Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

Skyler Womack known for passion to travel and to build up healthy communities - has served on staff at mega-church (Houston’s First Baptist Church) in the role of Minister of Missionary Care. Helping sustain leaders and missionaries around the globe to stay rooted in their faith and work. While making friends across the globe Skyler, alongside his wife Abigail (who is a dietitian specialized for eating disorders) currently lives in a high-rise community placed in the heart of downtown Houston. Partnering with a non-profit called Apartment Life, Skyler and Abbie seek to provide holistic community and care for their high-rise community by throwing big parties and being intentional with creating small groups in their home. Skyler and Abbie lastly, are on the board of Rooted Conferences, a ministry that seeks to assimilate college students into local churches in college towns across the nation. With a full schedule we like to stay filled up with coffee and stay surrounded by great people!


In this episode, Jenny and Skyler talk about what it means to practice vulnerability and authentically showing up in our communities. Skyler also shares his testimony and how it took many things being stripped away for him to find the ultimate freedom in Christ. This Moxie community is here to bring you stories of hope, love and a bit of courage into your life and this episode shines light on how we are all ordinary and have courageous stories that need to be heard. If you are in the Houston community or anywhere really, Skyler is your new best friend and you will surely feel his genuine heart throughout this episode's conversation as he encourages you to find your community; your people. We were designed to walk this life together, so know you are not alone, stay motivated and be inspired today.