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The Moxie Podcast

May 7, 2020

Matt and Scarlett Trotman have been pastoring Freedom Church Mombasa for the past 4 years. Freedom Church is a multisite church that meets across the globe, in India, Cambodia, south and East Africa, Europe and North America. They felt the call to go, and aim to connect anyone, anywhere to a life changing relationship with Jesus. Alongside this, they are passionate about photography and capturing stories of life change. 

In this Episode, Jenny, Matt and Scarlett talk about choosing the wildcard life and having the willingness in their hearts to step into the dark and unknown. They talk about their journey and process of letting go of how the world defines success and fighting through the internal struggles of defeating the obstacles of their own heart, desires and wants. This episode is filled with beautiful testimony of what it looks like to trust in the process of life and trust the Father who makes us surefooted as a deer.