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The Moxie Podcast

May 21, 2020

Misty Castañeda is the Founder of For Purpose Kids, a community where "Conversations That Matter, Begin."  For Purpose Kids is a social good brand delivering products and experiences to help kid-friendly conversations that matter.

As a Mom and passionate global citizen, Misty founded For Purpose Kids in 2016 to cultivate empathy, compassion and purpose to inspire the next generation of global citizens. The products and experiences are designed for kids ages 3-10 and their families, and the community is one that's inclusive, where it’s safe to learn from one’s mistakes and where everyone supports each other as they all grow together.

For Purpose Kids connects Misty’s passion of volunteering and working with young kids with her background in sales & marketing and education.  She lives in LA with her family but can often be found traveling to her favorite place, Hong Kong or back to her childhood home in Vermont.

In this episode, Jenny and Misty talk about the start of For Purpose Kids, but also the beauty of living culturally aware and intentional with the community around us. The conversation is filled with truth, laughter and just authentic storytelling of living a life of purpose. If you are looking for ways to engage your kids in meaningful conversations and teaching them that doing good is a way of life - you do not want to miss Misty’s story because this is where conversations that matter begin!