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The Moxie Podcast

Jun 4, 2020

Samantha Johnson is a small town Arkansas girl who decided to pack up and move to the coast of Kenya at 23, after graduating university with a degree in studio art. As a lover of God, cultures, travel, watercolor, and words, she seeks to listen and learn how God redeems people and places using the very own giftings He’s given them. After 5 years in a small village fumbling her way through Swahili, eating double portions of chapati, and yelling at sassy chickens, she’s now living in the big city of Mombasa working with an NGO in a developing part of the city. She’s still eating an unhealthy amount of chapati, soaking up the equatorial sun, and making language mistakes—all while drawing and painting about it.

In this episode,Jenny and Sam talk about art and how God uses her creative mind to continually influence and transform the community. They also throw in some of their funny and also frustrating experiences in the early start of their life in Kenyan villages. As you laugh, be encouraged to embrace the talent and abilities you have to grow your community.