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The Moxie Podcast

Jul 23, 2020

An avid kiteboarder, triathlete, and boat captain for a whale-watch operation on the Big Island, Kelsey's love for challenge and adventure is a huge part of who she is. "I believe women are capable of anything they put their mind to, and I have tried to exemplify that truth statement in my life." Her heart to help others is ultimately the purpose of her existence, which has been cultivated in her love for Jesus. This passion to serve others birthed Moi Moi Market and The Talking Story Podcast. "We want to make it easy for consumers to find, trust, and purchase products of purpose; products that help women out of sex trafficking, provide clean water, build schools, clean plastics from our oceans, and empower families. Moi Moi Market ( is a one stop shop for those products which includes Imani Collective. The Talking Story Podcast is the educational piece that explains the story behind the product and just shares cool stories of people using their lives to make a difference in others." Although working full time, she believes in giving back to the community, and has served at Heart Ranch and Ho'ola Na Pua here on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Even though life is busy, she still finds time to play and have fun. One of her favorite things to do is taking her dogs for walks at the beach. To Kelsey, "there's nothing like toes in the sand, listening to the ocean, and just BE-ing." @captkelseyhawaii

 In this episode,Jenny and Kelsey talk about embracing the heart of altruism as clearly manifested in how the humpback whales thrive in the sea. They further talk about taking hold of your faith and believing that God’s love for you is eternal.

Jenny Nuccio on the Talking Story Podcast