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The Moxie Podcast

Nov 5, 2020

Ché believes that you were made to come alive in your unique gifts + calling — or at least, that’s the belief driving Come Alive Co, a Brand Story Copywriting Studio she founded. As an in-demand speaker and an award-winning Strategist and Copywriter, Ché leverages over 12 years of experience growing brands like Toyota, King’s Hawaiian, and Cartoon Network to now help impact-driven female founders flourish in life and business on their terms.

When she’s not guiding women to own their Brand Story or write copy that connects, you can find Ché in San Diego dancing hip-hop joyfully or drinking oat milk lattes watching sunset with her hunky nurse of a husband.

She’s all about new friends.

In this episode, Jenny and Ché Talk about being fully engaged and present for ourselves, our businesses and those around us and how to fully come alive while navigating life.