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The Moxie Podcast

Jan 7, 2021

Taylor Mae is the founder of TMCo — a portfolio of brands + engagements focused on guiding people to live out their Aligned Brilliance™.  Herself and a small team of passionate, inspired, and entrepreneurial creatives create unique experiences to empower more people to make their dreams, their life. Including Say It Studios™ —a marketing communications agency for soul-driven entrepreneurs to find clarity in their brand message, RUBY™ — a multimedia platform for young Gen Z women to cultivate their purpose, as well as workshops, masterclasses, and insight on the Align To Achieve Podcast. In all her work, Taylor uses a savvy mix of development tools including the Enneagram and Human Design, transformational coaching techniques, her recognized brand marketing + small business expertise, and moreover a spirit of believing everyone’s divine purpose deserves to be lived out to the fullest.

In this episode, Jenny and Taylor talk about listening to that still small voice and following it through our day to day activities and how we impact our communities.