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The Moxie Podcast

Mar 7, 2019

Maliha is one of a kind and completely encompasses Moxie. She is a self-made chef in Mombasa, Kenya and in 2015, was a participant on season one of the reality tv show Royco Fuata Flava. She is also an artisan and cook at Imani Collective, a mother of two daughters and has dreams and aspirations that are inspiring.

In this episode, Jenny and Maliha talk about the journey of being a single mother, the grit and perseverance of pursuing dreams and the courage it takes to plan, initiate and dominate every challenge of everyday. This episode is encouraging, uplifting and reminds us all that we can move mountains, we just have to pull a little bit of Moxie out of our back pockets.


Royco Fuata Flava

Gordon Ramsey

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