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The Moxie Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

KaRonna is a writer and adventurer living in Texas with her husband and little boy. She equally loves exploring both the outdoors and the deepest parts of life. Early mornings, black craft coffee, and heart-to-heart talks bring her fantastic amounts of joy.

 The aim of her work is to help women discover freedom from judgement, negative self-talk, comparison, and perfectionism. She does this by sharing Stories of Grace: real-life examples of giving ourselves grace and processing through uncomfortable experiences. Her hope is that these stories will show that we are not alone and it's okay to be our real, vulnerable, imperfect, authentic selves. She writes to extend hope and create solidarity.

 Most of her work is on Instagram for now, but her blog gets occasional attention, too.

In this episode, Jenny and KaRonna talk about what it looks like to wear many hats and have grace on yourself in the process. They spend time getting vulnerable about the past and how it has shaped their characters of today, but they also spend a lot of time laughing about coping techniques and broken microwaves. KaRonna is a woman filled with drive and motivation. She has one beautiful heart that just wants to see good in this world. Take a listen because I know you will leave knowing you are not alone in this world.


KaRonna Lynn

Dare to Lead - Brene Brown

Ally Casazza

Ellen Episode

Lauren Nelson

One last thing to live by:

The Hard thing in your life that you are facing and that you are struggling with is worth dealing with. The work is hard, but it’s work worth it