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The Moxie Podcast

May 30, 2019

O’Neal Nyanje is a jack of all trades and talents. He is known for many things in Mombasa especially in the music and entertainment industry. He is passionate about people and discipleship. When you do not find him in the middle of the crowd then he is with his beautiful wife Jenna, who you all met in Episode 15.

In this episode, O’Neal and Jenny talk about life in all facets. He talks about his passions, his struggle, his love for his wife, love for Jesus and the immense amount of faith it has taken him to get where he is today. This episode is filled with laughter, beautiful stories and truth. O’Neal has loved, lost and gained again and you do not want to miss today, be encouraged my friends.


O’Neal Nyanje

Joyce Omondi

Word of Life Kenya


One last thing to live by:
Your faith is very instrumental in the kind of life you will live and what you believe in is very important because what you believe in becomes you.