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The Moxie Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

David Pierre was raised in a very large Christian Haitian family. In a family of 6 brothers, he is the youngest and was mostly picked on but also the most loved. He is very humorous and passion driven. As he grew up he saw the need in the community and developed a strong burning desire to be a huge help and voice for his people. He took action by creating an orphanage and started an association for the disabled which led him to become the National Volunteer Director for the Special Olympics. As a result of this much involvement, he was able to help many people in his community and became the community leader. Fast forward to the present, he has now made America his home, has a beautiful family, and has started a business called Lavni Products with the sole purpose of impacting Haiti and hopefully other underserved countries. 

In this episode, Jenny and David talk about courage, strength and what it means to face our fears head on for our maturity and the societal impact that comes with it.