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The Moxie Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

Societal anxiety and fear of others' reactions to us can stifle our voices and make us shy from making an impact. The best way around this is knowing who you are and understanding your best you. This aids in being able to push away those negative remarks that could otherwise pin you down. Find you, understand you and act with compassion and an immense amount of love for the people around you. This episode is a challenge to all of us to begin to ask ourselves what ripple effect we want to have on this world. What legacy are you wanting to leave behind? 

For this episode, we revisit episode 7 of season 1 with Sania Shapi where she talks about teaching others how to understand their identity and leave an unforgettable legacy. The episode is a challenge to us to figure out what our ripple effect is and what legacy we would love to leave behind.